In a near future, humanity sends a team made up of a human and a robot-vehicle for the exploration of exoplanets' moons.

TX-72 is the second-largest moon of a recently discovered exoplanet in a far star System.

but the human guy is sick, because of a mysterious virus.

the radars detected a large amount of loot on TX-72. use those resources to unlock special improvements and help the human guy to get healed and leave this moon.

- - - - - - - - - -

All assets, code, sounds and music were created by Piotr Dejong during the 72 hours Kalorian (KJAM#1) Game Jam 2020. Secret theme : "Loot this".

You can download the soundtrack below.

BUG FIXED ==> Check development log for infos.

Install instructions

Unzip the downloaded files and enjoy.


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Development log

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